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Academic Upgrading

Female student in class
Can earn a High School Equivalency Diploma

Up to 2 years

-Main Campus
The Program

The Academic Upgrading program gives adult students an opportunity to

  1. upgrade academic skills
  2. acquire High School Equivalency Diploma that is accepted by other colleges and universities in Alberta and by most employers
  3. upgrade to meet entrance requirements for vocational, career, and university programs
  4. develop teamwork skills, work with others, practice problem solving, and develop effective study skills
  5. prepare for entry to the workplace or a chosen career
  6. create a portfolio of identifiable skills
Program Content

The Academic Upgrading program offers high school equivalency in all academic disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Social Studies). These courses are accepted in place of Alberta Education courses for admission and prerequisite purposes at RDP. The following describes the course numbering system:

  • 40/50 Levels -Pre-high school refresher courses (English, Mathematics)
  • 75 Levels -Grade 10/11 in high school
  • 85 Levels -Grade 11 in high school
  • 90/95/96 Levels -Grade 12 in high school

Visit RDP’s Course Catalogue/Timetable by subject/discipline to read detailed course descriptions.

Academic Upgrading Courses Offered:  

RDP Academic Upgrading Courses Alberta Education Equivalent
ADEV 068 Supported Study I n/a
ADEV 069 Supported Study II  n/a
BIOL 085 Introductory Biology Biology 20
BIOL 095 Preparatory Biology Biology 30
CHEM 085 Introductory Chemistry Chemistry 20
CHEM 095 Preparatory Chemistry Chemistry 30
ENGL 050 Basic English Pre-high school English
ENGL 075 Reading, Viewing and Composition ELA 10-1 and ELA 20-2
ENGL 085 Reading and Writing about Literature ELA 20-1
ENGL 090 Texts and Contexts of Meaning ELA 30-2
ENGL 095 Literature and Composition ELA 30-1
MATH 050 Preparatory Mathematics Pre-high school Math
MATH 075 Introductory Algebra Math 10C
MATH 082 Intermediate Math Principles Math 20-2
MATH 085 Intermediate Algebra Math 20-1
MATH 092 Principles of Mathematics Math 30-2
MATH 096 Precalculus:  Algebra and Trigonometry Math 30-1
MATH 097 Introduction to Calculus Math 31
PHYS 085 Introductory Physics Physics 20
PHYS 095 Preparatory Physics  Physics 30
SOST 095 Twentieth Century World Social Studies 30-1


Delivery Options

You can learn in a traditional, classroom setting with an instructor.

Special Fees and Expenses

You will have to buy your own textbooks. Textbooks range from $80.00 to $150.00 per course. In addition, a graphing calculator is required for your Math 082, 085, 092, 096 and 097 courses. It will cost approximately $160.00.

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