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Bachelor of Applied Arts, Animation and Visual Effects

Animation in class
Bachelor of Applied Arts

4 years

-Main Campus
The Program

Students who complete the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation and Visual Effects will be well prepared for entry level jobs in mid to large sized animation studios, and they will also possess the skills and attributes to collaborate with others in the creative arts to develop independent projects that serve the animation and visual effects needs of local industry.

The program is built on a foundation of communication, storytelling, and traditional art skills, such as sculpting in clay and life drawing. Students are introduced early in the program to concepts of storyboarding, layout, color and light that will be applied to character animation in 3D software, digital sculpting, digital texture painting, compositing, and visual effects. In the 4th year of the program, students will be guided and supported in the creation of their own demo reels. Business and entrepreneurial skills will also be taught in the program.

The unique nature of this program ensures that Animation and Visual Effects students will be well grounded in studio animation processes, and they will also have scheduled opportunities to work collaboratively on projects with other students in the School of Creative Arts.

Program Outcomes:

  • Develop stories through the visual medium of animation
  • Develop and demonstrate a foundation for executing the creative process
  • Develop and demonstrate fundamental artistic skills
  • Apply the principles of acting for animators within animation assignments
  • Apply technical knowledge using a variety of animation industry relevant software
  • Construct animations, following a current and typical animation production pipeline with a focus on techniques
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a chosen area within the animation pipeline (character animator, modeler, lighter, texture artist)
  • Create pre-visualizations in 3D software for a variety of industries
  • Compose drawings, with a wide variety of media, to serve different stages of the animation industry
  • Recognize and discuss work and gender cultural diversity (aboriginal/global/gender perspectives/awareness)
  • Develop a personal portfolio/demo reel—at an industry accepted level—showcasing a combination of: completed animation scenes; and/or visual effects shots; and/or animated shorts; and/or textured 3D models; and/or scenes lit in 3D software; and/or pre-visualization
  • Demonstrate teamwork, time management, self-direction, self-motivation and self-evaluation, to be able to respond appropriately to feedback
  • Apply entrepreneurial skills in order to seek out and create meaningful career opportunities locally and globally in pre-existing, as well as new, personally created areas of animation
Program Content

Year One:

  • ARAN 110 Drawing and Figure Sculpting from Life
  • ART 231 Visual Fundamentals 2D
  • ART 241 Drawing I
  • AVFX 101 2D Animation
  • AVFX 103 Layout and Design
  • AVFX 107 3D Animation and Visual Effects
  • AVFX 109 Animation History
  • COMM 210 Communication for Creative Arts
  • CREA 110 Storytelling I
  • Foundation Block Elective (choose 1 Creative Arts Studio Elective)

Year Two:

  • ARAN 205 Life Drawing II
  • AVFX 201 Modeling and Texture Painting I
  • AVFX 203 3D Character Animation I
  • AVFX 207 Colour and Light
  • AVFX 209 Post Production I
  • AVFX 211 Storyboarding
  • AVFX 213 Rigging I
  • AVFX 215 Digital Sculpting
  • FTLE 210 Storytelling II
  • Breadth Elective Non-School of Creative Arts

Year Three

  • ARAN 305 Life Drawing III
  • AVFX 301 Texture Painting II
  • AVFX 303 3D Character Animation II
  • AVFX 307 Lighting and Rendering
  • AVFX 309 Advanced Compositing
  • AVFX 311 Special Projects in Collaboration
  • AVFX 313 Rigging II
  • AVFX 315 Matchmoving/3D Integration
  • AVFX 317 Motion Capture Cleanup
  • AVFX 319 Visual Effects
  • Breadth Elective Non-School of Creative Arts

Year Four

  • AVFX 405 Pre-Production for Area of Specialization
  • AVFX 410 Production for Area of Specialization

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