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Legal Assistant Diploma

Legal Assistant

2 years

-Main Campus
The Program

This two-year program prepares students to work within the legal profession as a highly skilled legal assistant professional providing support to lawyers within law firms, legal departments of corporations and government agencies. Students will develop knowledge and skills in legal terminology and procedures, technology, and communication through the following learning outcomes:

  • Complete processes and documents related to default judgments and contested actions, collections and chambers applications
  • Complete processes, searches, documents, and letters related to a variety of real estate purchases and sales
  • Create wills and enduring power of attorney, personal directives and applications for trusteeship and guardianship
  • Complete applications for probate and administration
  • Complete processes and documents for application for divorce, custody, access, support and matrimonial property pursuant to the various family law statutes
  • Register a variety of types of businesses, and prepare and maintain a corporate minute book
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Canadian legal system
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of criminal law
  • Identify components of contracts and assemble selected contracts
  • Create messages, letters and documents with appropriate style and format, using correct grammar and spelling. Proofread and edit own work and the work of others
  • Complete math calculations common to a law office
  • Demonstrate technical competence related to information technology commonly used in legal environments
  • Use interpersonal communication skills to promote positive client relations, resolve conflict and promote a positive team working environment
  • Demonstrate initiative, attitude and positive presentation of self, appropriate to the legal environments
  • Behave in an ethical manner based on the Code of Professional Conduct of the Law Society of Alberta
  • Demonstrate job search skills
  • Locate, evaluate, select, organize and summarize information using appropriate resources
  • Identify common problems encountered in the role of legal assistant and demonstrate problem solving strategies
  • Demonstrate time management and organizational skills.
Program Content

Year 1

COMM 150 Fundamentals of College and Workplace Writing
COMM 250 Business and Workplace Writing
LEGL 100 Keyboarding I
LEGL 105 Canadian Legal System
LEGL 110 Litigation I
LEGL 115 Litigation II
LEGL 120 Corporate Law
LEGL 125 Contracts
LEGL 130 Real Estate I
LEGL 135 Keyboarding II
LEGL 140 Information Processing I
LEGL 145 Criminal Law

Year 2

LEGL 200 Professional and Interpersonal Skills
LEGL 205 Estate Planning
LEGL 210 Litigation III
LEGL 215 Litigation IV
LEGL 220 Information Processing II
LEGL 225 Estate Administration
LEGL 230 Real Estate II
LEGL 233 Commercial Law
LEGL 235 Real Estate III
LEGL 240 Family Law
LEGL 245 Technology Integration
LEGL 250 Practicum

LEGL 250 Practicum is usually completed during May and June following the second year.

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