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Aviation Certificate

Business Certificate | Collaboration with Sky Wings Aviation

1 year

-Main Campus
The Program

Sky Wings Aviation Academy offers a two-year diploma in Aviation in partnership with RDP. Academic courses for a Business Certificate are taken at RDP. You will graduate with a strong background in business and subjects related to flight in modern high-performance transport aircraft.

You will receive a Commercial Pilot License at the end of the first year. In the second year, you will have the option of obtaining either a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating or a Flight Instructor Rating, along with a Single Engine Instrument Rating. You will also receive a Business Certificate from RDP.

Contact Information:  Contact Skywings Aviation

Sky Wings Aviation Academy Ltd.
Box 190, Penhold, AB T0M 1R0.
Phone 403.886.5191 OR 1.800.315.8097
Fax 403.886.4279

Program Content

Preparatory as required

Flight training to achieve a Private Pilots License can be done at Sky Wings Aviation.  Ten Business Administration courses are required to complete the Business Certificate.

Sky Wings courses include:

  • Aviation 101 Human Factors, Navigation, Engines, Air Regs
  • Aviation 102 Commercial Pilot's License Flight Training
  • Aviation 201 Theory of Flight, Meteorology, Weight and Balance, Air Carriers
  • Aviation 202 Flight Training
  • Aviation 301 Advanced Meteorology, Advanced Navigation, Instrument Flight Procedures
  • Aviation 401 Instructional Technique, Airline Management, First Aid, Survival Training, Theory of Flight, Crew Resource Management

Option 1

  • Aviation 403 Single Engine IFT
  • Aviation 502 Instructor Rating

Option 2

  • Aviation 303 Multi-Engine Endorsement Flight Training
  • Aviation 402 Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Flight Training (prerequisite to 404)
  • Aviation 404 PCC on Advanced Twin Aircraft

*All above courses are requirements as well as one of the stated options.

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