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Family and Friends

Residence Home Life

Keep in touch

Residence staff can provide you with general information on policies, procedures and operations here at RDP Residence throughout the year. We are not able to provide information about the students or tenants within our Residence. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP) applies to all Polytechnic operations.

Residence Staff are unable to provide any information on any student file or account to third parties (parents or guardians) for students/tenants that are of the age of majority. This includes information on unit or room numbers, account balances, phone numbers, conduct history, etc. This information is all considered private and cannot be released without the tenant’s written permission.

We value the relationship that we have with the family and friends of any tenant here on campus. While we may be limited in what information we can share or discuss we want to help you as much as possible to ensure that your student has a great year!

Keep in touch in person or by phone

Ensure that you have specific contact information for your student before you leave on Move-in Day, as you will not be able to contact your student through Residence.

If you are coming to visit your student, please ensure that you know how to contact them before you arrive, as we will not be able to contact your student for you.

We recommend setting up a communication routine or schedule with your student. Try using email or texting to touch base as your student may be too busy to respond to telephone calls.

Keep in touch by mail

Student mail will be sorted at Residence Administration and placed in each student’s personal mailbox on campus. Please note that we are not able to release unit or bedroom numbers for any students on campus for their privacy and protection. 

Student Mailing Address

Student Name
Box 5111, Red Deer, AB, T4N 6P6

Guests in Residence

Residents have the privilege of hosting guests only if they have the permission of all of their roommates. A resident's right to privacy takes precedent over a roommate's right to host a guest.

Each resident may only have overnight guests for a maximum of 5 nights per month if all roommates agree. Residents are responsible for their guests, and if they should do anything that warrants disciplinary action or a fine, they are personally responsible and will receive the fine or discipline. Also, guests can never stay in the unit unattended by the host. This will result in disciplinary action.