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Living in Residence

Residence Game

Immerse yourself in campus life and create lifelong friends.

Living in Residence isn’t simply about “living on campus.” It’s about learning and growing alongside your peers, creating lasting friendships and becoming part of a vibrant community while taking your academic success to a higher level.

8 Advantages of Living in Residence:

  • Be at the heart of it all - Students living in Residence are closer to everything on campus. You’re closer to your classmates, instructors, recreational facilities, the library and the cafeteria.
  • Build lasting friendships - Participate in on-campus, Residence exclusive activities (skating and games night are just a couple of examples) and take advantage of the Polytechnic experiences that build lasting friendships. 
  • Achieve higher academic success - Research comparing students living on-campus versus off-campus has shown that those living in Residence do better academically. This is due to the social supports that are provided to our students.
  • Support networks right next door - Residence Life supports you with Resident Attendants (RAs) who are student leaders that are there to help you transition into the Polytechnic life. You are also steps away from the Counselling and Career Centre, Academic and other non-academic resources.
  • Experience a strong sense of community - We are a community of over 650 post-secondary students. This unique community provides close connections with neighbours, roommates, and others on campus who are experiencing the same things you are.
  • Safety at your door - With 24/7 Polytechnic Security, we offer an extra level of protection and peace of mind that you might not find off campus. Security can help with many aspects of your Residence experience, including lockouts, car boosts and free Campus Safewalks. Also, our Residence Assistants are trained in Mental Health First Aid, First Aid/CPR, conflict management and much more.
  • Avoid the stress of hidden costs - Living in Residence means you don’t have to worry about extra bills or hidden expenses because everything is included in your residence fees (including utilities and even internet). We also offer multiple unit styles to accommodate most needs and budgets. Lastly, our units are fully furnished so you don’t need to worry about any heavy lifting. 

We understand that coming to Red Deer Polytechnic is a huge step and moving is part of the process. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth and positive as possible for you and your family. If you have any questions about what life is like as an RDP student living in Residence, contact us or check out our Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re up to.

How Our Students Feel About Their Experiences Here:

“I lived in Red Deer College Residence for 2 years while attending the school. This was my first time moving away from my parents, and I was terrified. What I did not suspect was to find a new home on campus. The Residence feels like a tight-knit community, which allows you to make long-lasting connections with people you wouldn't otherwise meet. The staff in the office are friendly and always willing to help us poor college kids. As difficult as it was to move out of my parents' house, it was even harder to move out of Residence. I look back fondly on those two years, and can't recommend Red Deer College Residence enough to other potential tenants.”

Cade Bengert - Previous RDC and U of A Student