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Main Campus Outdoor Spaces

Enhance your physical activity and head outdoors. Fresh air and beautiful sights make for a more enjoyable experience.

On the expansive grounds near the Main Building and the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre, Red Deer Polytechnic has open space available for multiple outdoor activities. The RDP Athletics Queens and Kings Soccer teams practice and compete on the soccer field located near the main building. A paved trail provides barrier-free access around the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre. This trail connects to the NOVA Chemicals Waskasoo Creek Nature Walk, which encircles a pond area nestled beside the Waskasoo Creek, providing access to the informal trails in the natural area.  

Soccer Pitches RDC Soccer Pitch

The RDP Soccer Field is located on main campus.  


  • 210’ x 330’ field surface surrounded by a 400-metre track
  • 200 seating capacity
  • Field side power access
  • Slider scoreboard
  • Officials field house

Walking Trails RDC Main Campus

Clear your mind and enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors on RDP’s main campus.


  • 500-metre barrier-free paved trail
  • Provides access to more informal trails in the natural area
  • Additional walking spaces throughout the campus