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Bachelor of Kinesiology and Sport Studies - University Transfer

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Sport Studies - University Transfer
Bachelor's Degree

2 years at RDP - 2 years at most universities

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The Program

Kinesiology is the study of the science of movement. The program is designed so that students can complete 2 years of studies in order to transfer to a university and then enter the work force or transfer to a university and complete a Bachelor's degree. The program is designed for students wishing to transfer to the University of Alberta. Transfer to other universities is possible with proper program consultation and careful course selection. For university transfer, the courses you select must meet the program requirements of the specific university chosen.

Admission to a university program may be limited by quota. Entry is based on your academic record. You should expect heavy course and program demands and the need for a competitive GPA if you wish to transfer to a university program.

The objective of the program is to educate and prepare qualified leaders in the field of Kinesiology and Sport Studies who:

  • are prepared for employment in related fields and agencies in the private and public sectors
  • upon completion of a Bachelor's degree may choose to continue their education at the graduate level
Program Content

Year 1 courses:

  • ENGL 219 Essay Composition and Critical Reading
  • KNSS 1102 Foundations of Human Movement
  • KDNC 200 Spectrum of Dance in Society
  • KNSS 200 Structural Anatomy
  • KNSS 204 Introduction to Sociocultural Foundations
  • KNSS 209 Measurement and Evaluation
  • KNSS 214 Introduction to Personal Physical Fitness
  • KNSS 250 Introduction to the Administration of Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Programs
  • Option (3 Credits)**
  • Option (3 Credits)**

Year 2 courses:

  • KNSS 201 Biomechanics
  • KNSS 202 Physiology of Exercise
  • KNSS 203 Skill Acquisition and Motor Performance
  • KNSS 205 History of Sport
  • KNSS 220 Introduction to Athletic Therapy
  • KNSS 240 Adapted Physical Education
  • KNSS 307 Growth and Development
  • KNSS 312 Research Methods in Kinesiology
  • PSIO 258 Elementary Physiology I
  • PSIO 259 Elementary Physiology II

** Please consult with a Red Deer Polytechnic Student Advisor when selecting Option Courses in the program to ensure transferability and program suitability. It is recommended to take option courses that transfer as activity core classes if planning to transfer to the University of Alberta.

NOTE:  Please consult the online Course Catalogue for course descriptions

University Transfer Program

Two Year University Transfer Program

The RDP Kinesiology and Sport Studies program offers the first 2 years of a Bachelor Degree program in Kinesiology.

This program is designed for students who wish to complete a 2 year program in Kinesiology and Sport Studies in order to continue on to a Bachelor's Degree at another institution. Students wishing to complete the Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma, and transfer to university, need to select the appropriate options and physical activity courses. (See an Academic Advisor.)

For the most current university program and transfer information, see the Planning Guides in Academic Advising.

The program offers university transfer to the following programs:

The University of Alberta:

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology

Note: The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation at the University of Alberta dedicates entrance into the Bachelor of Kinesiology program for 30 students transferring from the RDP Bachelor of Kinesiology Transfer program who have between 45 and 60 transferable credits and a minimum GPA of 3.0 based on the most recent minimum 24 transferable credits.  Possession of the minimum average does not guarantee admission to the program and admission may be competitive based on applications. 

Transfer to other programs and other universities is possible.  See an Academic Advisor.

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