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Increasingly, the modern world requires leadership, rather than just management. To lead is to innovate, inspire and influence others to do the same. People who aspire to be a great leader care about the people around them, show drive, energy, determination, self-discipline, willpower, and are willing to take risks. If this is you, then you have the character of a leader. Through these courses you will be able to clearly understand your own leadership style and discover the tools needed to begin expanding your leadership capacity at any level within your organization and community.

Each course also includes 2 half-hour sessions with the instructor one-on-one for personal mentorship.


Fall 2022

Winter 2023

Delivery Method:

Online – asynchronously with instructor


$1000.00 + GST

Funding Options:

Canada Alberta Job Grant



Course details:

Lead from Within (10 hours)

A Leader is not just what they do, its who they are.  In this course you will explore the principles of what society constitutes as a good leader and how you can develop your own leadership style. Get ready to dig deep, to take stock of your own skills and behavioral motivators – your “Why” as described by Simon Sinek. Evaluate where you are on the spectrum of leadership, your style, and create a Personal Leadership Development Plan that will move you forward to becoming the leader you desire to be - a leader from within.   

Lead Like a Boss (10 hours)

Weather you are the boss or are not, you still have the opportunity to lead like one.  In this course you will begin to implement aspects of your Personal Leadership Development Plan (LDP) in a personal and/or professional setting. Explore the importance of how having positive relationships impacts planning and problem-solving. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Action Centered Leadership Model (Adair) and how its emphasis on interconnectedness of tasks, teams, and the individual will assist you in Creative Problem-Solving.   

Leading Outside the Box (10 hours)

One aspect of great leadership is coming up with creative solutions to problems.  Creative solutions come when we step outside of the box and examine the problem for what it is.  This course will teach you a six-step process of Creative Problem-Solving and how you can teach it to your team. Through collaboration, you will work on mapping the "HOW" of your point project goals, based on the motive for doing it. The course will conclude with a reflection analysis to assess the progress and make any adjustments to your decisions.   

Leading with Heart (10 hours)

It’s time to level up and dig even deeper to gain self-insight as you revisit your EQ assessment and identify any biases you have that affects your leadership style.  As you reflect on your own life experiences you will develop greater empathy for others, embrace differing perspectives and how to infuse them into your corporate culture. Get a solid understanding why transparency is vital as a leader. You will conclude by reflecting on this process and adjusting your Leadership Development Plan accordingly. 

Leadership in Motion (10 hours)

Time to celebrate and reflect on how much you have grown personally and in your leadership skills. Now, how do you move forward? This course will teach you ways in which you stay true to the leader you have become, shaped by the experiences and lessons you have learned. Take a final look at your Leadership Development Plan, see how it has evolved and create a new one with your new understanding of yourself and your skills as a leader.  

*It is recommended to take courses in order.


The Leadership Experience, 3rd Ed. by Richard L. Daft

Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, David Mead, Peter Docker

Mentoring Matters: A Practical Guide to Learning Focused Relationships by Laura Lipton

Cost for books- $120.00

Program Completion Requirements:

The methods of evaluation are based on applied learning opportunities relating to the profession. Completion/submission of all assignments and projects is required. A 65% average or better on course work outlined in Methods of Evaluation. You must acquire a 65% in all courses, in order to earn the certificate.

How to Register:

Registration is available online 24/7. Both Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted. If you are a business or organization looking to register one or more employees, contact us for information on setting up a Company Profile. 

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