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Computer Programming Diploma

Computer Programming

2 years

-Main Campus
The Program

This intensive program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to dynamic challenges in technology-based, global environments and succeed in the ever-growing field of software and web development. With emphasis on digital thinking and innovation, students will design, develop, and implement applications, diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems, and manage and operate databases. Through applied learning and project management opportunities, students will develop proficiency in communication, collaboration, and inclusive approaches to work in diverse settings. 

Program Content

1. Investigate emerging technological trends and respond to challenges.       

2. Diagnose, troubleshoot, document, and monitor technical problems using appropriate disciplinary principles, methods, and tools. 

3. Assess and manage risk in local and remote information security systems for business and industry.

4. Design, develop, and implement applications for mobile and web environments.

5. Evaluate knowledge and skill gaps and apply strategies for personal and professional development to enhance work performance.     

6. Manage projects using appropriate tools while adhering to ethical, regulatory, and economic requirements in the development of computing solutions and systems.           

7. Communicate and collaborate with team members and stakeholders to ensure effective working relationships.  

8. Demonstrate collaborative, independent and inclusive attitudes and practices integrating multidisciplinary perspectives and approaches.

9. Demonstrate professional conduct in all aspects of individual and team-based work.



CPRO 1101  Front-End Web Development I

CPRO 1121  Problem Solving / Program Logic

CPRO 1201  Python Programming I

CPRO 1301  Database Design and SQL

CPRO 1122  General Mathematics

CPRO 1102  Front-End Development II

CPRO 1211  Programming C#.NET

CRPO 1221  Programming Java SE

CPRO 1302  Database Programming

CPRO 1011  Communication in the Workplace


CPRO 2901  Capstone 1

CPRO 2101  Full Stack JavaScript

CPRO 2211  Web Applications Using C#.NET

CPRO 2221  Programming Java EE

CPRO 2501 Software Design and Development

CPRO 1001  Job Search and Success

CPRO 2902  Capstone II

CPRO 2201  Python Programming II

CPRO 2601  Cloud Computing

CPRO 2602  Cybersecurity

CPRO 2011  Workplace Teams


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