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Early Childhood Education Leadership Development Certificate


One year

The Program

The one-year Early Childhood Education Leadership Development Certificate offers students the opportunity to learn the theory and practices associated with a leadership role in the Early Learning and Child Care profession. Courses will explore contemporary ideas of management, relationships, curriculum, and pedagogy from the context of a leader. Through an immersive workplace learning experience, most learning will be in the students' Early Learning and Child Care workplace and supported by online learning. 

Program Content

ECEL 3001 - Leading in Context

ECEL 3002 - Ethics, Advocacy & Professionalism

ECEL 3003 - Organizational Leadership

ECEL 3004 - Human Resource Management

ECEL 3005 - Business Operations

ECEL 3006 - Family and Community Relationships

ECEL 3007 - Learning Environments & Curriculum

ECEL 3008 - Pedagogical Leadership

Program Delivery

The program will appeal to persons already employed in Early Learning and Child Care settings who wish to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills. Offered through compressed online classes and immersive workplace learning, students will achieve at least 51% of their learning outcomes on the job. Online classes and the opportunity to complete on-the-job components within current employment contexts will increase the accessibility of the program for students in diverse circumstances and locations.

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