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Faculty and Staff

Red Deer Polytechnic is proud of our faculty members and staff who are experts in their disciplines and subject areas. Our employees are ready to help our students achieve their educational goals. Learn more about our Polytechnic's instructors and staff by reading their biographies below. Not sure who you wish to speak to, or can't find them in this listing? You can contact us in our Schools and other departments.

Name Discipline/Program Phone Email
Alicia Cafferata-Arnett, MSc 403.356.4940 Alicia.Cafferata [at]
Alison Jeppesen, Ph.D School of Arts and Sciences, School of Creative Arts 403.342.3383 Alison.Jeppesen [at]
Amy Becker, BA Division of Student Success 403.342.3264 amy.becker [at]
Amy Eisan Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Program 403.314.2487 amy.eisan [at]
Andrea Marjerrison Kinesiology & Sport Studies (KNSS) Program 403.356.4950 andrea.marjerrison [at]
Angela Menzel
Angie Jones, M.Ed. Division of Student Success 403.342.3165 angie.jones [at]
Anne Marie Watson, MLIS Division of Student Success 403.342.3402 annemarie.watson [at]
Anomi G. Bearden Ph.D. Humanities & Social Sciences, Psychology 403.356.4857 anomi.bearden [at]
Ashley Moore Ph.D. Science & Engineering, Biology 403.343.4058 ashley.moore [at]
Ava Feenstra Pharmacy Technician (PHTD) Program 403.314.2454 ava.feenstra [at]
Barbara Mahoney, Dipl. Division of Student Success 403.342.3575 barbara.mahoney [at]
Becky Wylie-Jardine M.A. Justice Studies, Humanities & Social Sciences 403.342.3365 becky.wylie-jardine [at]
Benton Antifaiff Business Administration Diploma 403.356.5086 Extension 5 ben.antifaiff [at]
Blair Foster
Blake Goehring Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant (OPTA) Program 403.314.2415 blake.goehring [at]
Brad Hamilton M.Sc. Science & Engineering, Chemistry 403.342.3212 brad.hamilton [at]
Brandi Ward Practical Nurse (PN) Program 403.314.2489 brandi.ward [at]
Brenda Joyce B.S.W, M.S.W, R.S.W. Social Work 403.314.2478 brenda.joyce [at]
Bryan Rowsell Ph.D Science & Engineering, Chemistry 403.314.2483 bryan.rowsell [at]

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Main Phone: 403.342.3400
Toll-free: 1.888.732.4630 (in Canada only)
Email: inquire [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca

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