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University Transfer: Bachelor of Arts - History

Bachelor's Degree

- 2 years at RDP
- 2 years at most universities

-Main Campus
The Program

For a general discussion of the B.A. program, click here.

History is the analysis of the human past. Courses are offered in three main areas: Canadian, European and British. RDP special interests include Western Canadian history, British Empire and Commonwealth, Modern British social history and Modern Europe. First year courses include Classics, Medieval, Early Modern World, and Modern World.

Note: While there are no prerequisites for second year History courses, students are encouraged to learn the fundamentals of historical writing and research in first year courses.

Program Content

The below schedule is a general pattern that transfers to the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and the University of Lethbridge. Check the Alberta Transfer Guide for transfer credit information.

Suggested Year 1 Pattern

  • ENGL 219/ENGL 220 (6 credits)
  • Any 2 of HIST 207, HIST 208, HIST 209, CLAS 209 (6 credits)
  • Science requirement (3 credits)
  • Options (15 credits)

Suggested Year 2 Pattern

Refer to Academic Advising Planning Guides.

University Transfer Program

RDP offers the first two years of these degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

For the most current university program and transfer information, see the Planning Guides.

Transfer Features

Visit the Bachelor of Arts page for transfer features.

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