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Agora Undergraduate Conference

Red Deer Polytechnic's Agora Undergraduate Conference and Journal showcases student work completed in Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Work, and Justice Studies classes, bringing together our diverse community in celebration of student excellence. Students have the opportunity to share the results of their coursework with a public audience. 

Social Work Diploma

Once it has been determined that you have met the academic requirements, you will be given access to the package materials through your account on TheLoop, under the Applications tab.

The complete application package will include the following:

  1. A personal profile
  2. Three confidential references (must use form provided in TheLoop); one needs to be signed by a direct volunteer or employment supervisor
  3. A minimum of 100 volunteer hours or 3 months of full-time work hours completed at one agency site.
  4. An interview with a Social Work faculty member – completion of the above requirements is required before this will be booked.

1. Personal Profile

Once your application has been processed you will be able to download the personal profile instructions from your Loop account. Click on the Applications tab on the right hand side, and then on the name of the program on the main part of the page. This will bring up your application checklist – please review all linked items.

2. Confidential References

One of your references must be from your volunteer/work supervisor once you are near to completing the required hours.

The other two should be from professionals who know you, such as teachers, additional supervisors, social workers, doctors, lawyers etc. They cannot be provided by family members or close friends/family friends.

Ask your references to complete the reference form found in your Loop account, and have them email it to admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca) or mail to:

Red Deer Polytechnic

100 College Blvd

Red Deer, AB

T4N 5H5

3. Volunteer / Work Hours:

A minimum of 100 hours of volunteer experience is required as part of the Social Work Application Process. Three months of full-time work-related experience can also be used in lieu of volunteer experience. The hours must be current (completed within the last 3 years), and completed at one organization, as one confidential reference is required from the direct volunteer or employment supervisor. 

It is required that these be completed in a

  1. human service agency/organization, or
  2. social service agency/organization, or in a 
  3. healthcare environment.  

The clients must be disadvantaged or marginalized in some way. 

The volunteering must include direct client or patient contact as your primary function (rather than office work, cooking, etc.) and deal with the client’s psycho-social wellbeing.

If you have any questions about the suitability of your volunteer experience, please complete the self-assessment guide.

Opportunities can often be found in

  • helping agencies (agencies that help individuals, families, groups and communities enhance their individual and collective well-being, and to promote equity and opportunity in communities)
  • outreach organizations (organizations that provide services to populations that might not otherwise be able to access those services)
  • ​hospitals and long-term care facilities (valid if it includes direct client contact, and dealing with psycho-social wellbeing)
  • programs/camps for at-risk youth
  • women’s shelters
  • agencies for people with addictions, homelessness, mental illness
  • agencies for people who are developmentally challenged

We do not accept hours completed 

  • high school work experience programs
  • fundraising
  • sports coaching
  • daycare (exception is a daycare in a women's shelter)
  • babysitting
  • thrift stores/warehouse
  • personal self-help organizations
  • cooking (exception is soup kitchen or hospice)
  • foodbank / meals-on-wheels
  • educational aide (exception is for children who are coded)
  • before school/after school programs/lunch supervision (exception is for children who are coded)
  • housekeeping
  • personal experience such as having a sibling with autism or having foster children in the home;
  • office/administrative work
  • bible or church group and activities.

It is required that the 100 hours be completed at one organization.

4. Interview:

An interview with a Social Work faculty member is required as part of admission to the Program. The purpose is to discuss your preparation for studies and interest in the profession. Your work or volunteer experience must be completed or almost completed prior to your interview with a Social Work faculty member.

Submit your package requirements by email to admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca) or by mail to the main Red Deer Polytechnic mailing address, as soon as possible.

Interviews will begin in the spring and will continue until the program is full and a waitlist is established – submitting your package earlier rather than later is to your benefit. Interviews will begin to be booked in February.

Other Information:

While not an admission requirement for the program, applicants are advised that most agencies where they will be placed for practicum experiences will require a:

  • Police Information Check
  • Vulnerable Sector Check.

Students should be prepared for approximately $50 to $75 to acquire these documents.

The existence of a criminal record may prevent practicum placement, program completion, and professional licensure and therefore affect future employment prospects. It is the decision of each agency or institution to accept or reject a student for placement or observation experience based on the results of the criminal record check. 

For more information:   

Complete the self-assessment for volunteer hours.

For questions about the program not covered by the self-assessment, email: studentconnect [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (studentconnect[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca).

We understand that you still have questions about the programs.
You can talk to us and we can help.

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