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International Admissions

*This page is part of the official Academic Calendar

International Admissions Quick Links:


International students may apply to many of the programs offered at RDP; however, we recommend you consider one of the programs listed here What You Can Study at RDP

RDP has four “terms”, or intakes, to start a program. Not all programs have an intake in every term. Review programs here What You Can Study at RDP to determine which Terms you may start your program in.  

Fall Term September to December
Winter Term January to April
Spring Term May to June
Summer Term July to August


Important Notes:

  • International students interested in apprenticeship training should contact Apprenticeship and Industry Training for more information. 
  • If you would like to enroll in a program that is delivered online, we strongly encourage you to review the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (Government of Canada)’s webpage on Distance Learning.


English Language Proficiency:  

In order to gain admission into an RDP program, international applicants must meet English language proficiency requirements. RDP provides several methods for international applicants to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Review the information on the English Language Requirements webpage.  

Academic Requirements:

In order to gain admission into an RDP program, international applicants must also meet the academic program requirements. International applicants should select their program from the Academic Calendar and review the information in the “Requirements” section. The Office of the Registrar will assess your prior learning from other education to determine international equivalencies to meet academic admission requirements. Review more information about how international students can meet academic admission requirements here.  

Application Deadlines: 


Application Deadline


May 1


September 1


January 31


March 30



Apply Online  

Submit your online application through RDP's International Online Application. It is important that you submit your application prior to the published application deadlines. You will be asked for the following information when submitting your online application:  

  • Basic Personal Information  
  • Program of Choice (1st Choice Program and 2nd Choice Program)
    • You are able to identify your first and second choice programs. If you are not qualified for your first choice program, the Office of the Registrar will automatically assess if you meet the requirements for your second choice program.  
  • Basic Academic History
    • Only international applicants who have attended high school in Canada are required to fill out specific course details.  

Once you complete your online application, you will be prompted to pay your $150 non-refundable international application fee.  

Email supporting documentation to international [dot] admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (international[dot]admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca)

In order to assess an international application, the Office of the Registrar must be emailed documentation to assess if the applicant meets the academic and English Language –Proficiency requirements for their program of choice.  

Once you submit your online application, you must email the following information to international [dot] admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (international[dot]admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca)

Basic Personal Information

This includes your name and date of birth. This will ensure the Office of the Registrar is able to associate your email with your online application.  

Program of Choice

State your first choice program and your second choice program.   

Proof Applicant Meets Academic Requirements (Secondary school transcripts and Post-secondary school transcripts)  

Review the methods to provide this information here.  

Proof Applicant Meets English Language Proficiency Requirements  

Review the methods to demonstrate your English language proficiency here



Once your online application has been submitted and your supporting documentation has been emailed to international [dot] admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (international[dot]admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca), your complete application will be assessed to determine if you are admissible to your program of choice. If additional information is required to support your application, this will be posted on your account on RDP’s online student portal: TheLoop. It is your responsibility to log-in regularly and check the “Applications” section to stay up-to-date on changes to your application. Watch “How do I check the status of my application?” for a step-by-step guide (must log into TheLoop to view video).


If you meet the admission requirements for your program of choice and there is a seat available, you will be admitted to RDP! This will be communicated to you on the “Applications” section of The Loop. International Applicants are required to pay their tuition deposit prior to receiving their Letter of Acceptance. This deposit is non-refundable, except in cases where the applicant provides proof that their study permit application was denied prior to the term’s add/drop date. Visit our International Tuition & Fees page for more information. You can also watch "How to submit a tuition deposit or tuition fee payment through Flywire “ for a step-by-step guide (must log into TheLoop to view video). 


Once RDP has received your tuition deposit, you will be able to download your Letter of Acceptance. To download your Letter of Acceptance, log into TheLoop, click “Applications” and scroll down to the “Letter of Acceptance for International Students” section. Watch “How to access your Letter of Acceptance” for a step-by-step guide (note that you must log in to TheLoop to view video). 


Use your Official RDP Letter of Acceptance as proof that you have paid your tuition deposit to apply for your Study Permit. Visit the Government of Canada’s website for more information on the study permit application process. You are responsible for ensuring your study permit is valid at all times.  Refugees must also apply to IRCC to obtain a Study Permit. Upon proof of Refugee status, these students will pay domestic fees not international fees.


Although the Office of the Registrar is able to review your “unofficial” or scanned documents in order to admit you to a program and provide a Letter of Acceptance, you must provide official documentation to the Office of the Registrar prior to the first day of classes. This is a vital step in the admissions process and you will not be granted “clear” admission until this step has been completed.  

Your Official Transcript must be received by the Office of the Registrar by the deadlines for each term set out below:

Fall (September) Term      Winter (January) Term      Spring (May) Term      Summer (July) Term     
July 15 December 1 March 31 May 1


Important Note: Admission will be cancelled if official documents are not submitted by the first day of class.

You must provide official versions of two key documents:  

Official Transcripts and Proof of English Language Proficiency

Any documentation used to support your admission into an RDP program, such as secondary (high school) or post-secondary transcripts must be provided to the Office of the Registrar in one of the following methods

  • ​​Option 1 | Documents Mailed from the Issuing Institution Directly to RDP 

    Official documents must be final and sent directly from the issuing institution to the Office of the Registrar at the following address: 
    Red Deer Polytechnic 

    Office of the Registrar 

    Box 5005 

    100 College Boulevard 

    Red Deer, AB T4N 5H5 

  • Option 2 | Provide RDP with Information to Access Official Transcripts through an Online Portal (if available) 

    If the issuing institution has an online portal that external parties can access in order to verify official transcripts, include the information required to log in to international [dot] admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (international[dot]admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca).  
  • Option 3 | Bring Official Transcript with you to RDP in an envelope sealed by the issuing Institution. Transcripts received in any other format will not be accepted as official. 
  • Option 4 | Issuing institution can email Official Transcripts directly to RDP at admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca).

Medical Examinations (only if required by program)

Students with Study Permits admitted to a program with a practicum or clinical placement in childcare, primary/secondary school teaching, or health service field must complete Medical Examinations as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada one month prior to the start of classes. This includes students in the following programs: 

  • Bachelor of Education 
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing 
  • Early Learning and Child Care 
  • Educational Assistant 
  • Medical Lab Assistant 
  • Occupational & Physiotherapist Assistant 
  • Pharmacy Technician 
  • Practical Nurse 
  • Unit Clerk 

For more information on the Medical Examination, please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website


Congratulations! You are now ready to become an international student at RDP. Next you will need to: 

  • Login to TheLoop
  • Register for classes
  • Pay Full Tuition 

Visit the Preparing to Study at RDP page for more information.  

Scheduled Breaks

Period Scheduled Break Start Date End Date
Fall Term (September - December) Reading Break Y - Scheduled Break First day of Fall Term Reading Break Last day of Fall Term Reading Break
December Break Y- Scheduled Break

**Day after the final exam period for Fall Term.

Day before the first day of classes for Winter Term.

Winter Term (January - April) Reading Break Y - Scheduled Break First day of Winter Term Reading Break. Last day of Winter Term Reading Break.
Spring Term (May - June) *May be considered scheduled break depending on program or intake. **Day after the final exam period for Winter Term. Day before the first day of classes for Summer Term.
Summer Term (July - August) *May be considered scheduled break depending on program or intake. Day after the last day of final exams for Spring Term.

Day before the first day of classes for Fall Term.



  • Students can refer to Red Deer Polytechnic’s Academic Schedule for specific start and end dates.
  • *Students should contact the studentconnect [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (subject: International%20Students) (Student Connect Centre) to determine if Spring and/or Summer are mandatory terms for their program.
  • **The start date for this break for students writing deferred examinations will be the day after they write their final deferred exams.
  • Visit our Immigration Information and Requirements for more information on our scheduled breaks.

Still have questions? Visit the International Admissions FAQs

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