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RDP Abroad

Interested in taking your studies global? We'll help you get there.

RDP Abroad offers students the opportunity to engage in intercultural and international experience.

There are many reasons to why you should consider participating in a global experience: 

  • Develop intercultural competencies
  • Expand your global connections
  • Gain academic recognition for your participation in Abroad experiences
  • Immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Learn a new language
  • Stand out to employers
  • Travel and have fun

Current Experiences

Canada - Germany Exchange (EUF + RDP)

Europa-Universitat Flensburg (Flensburg, Germany) and Red Deer Polytechnic (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) have established a mutually beneficial student exchange agreement which supports one or two students each year to study at the other higher education institution. One student may study for one year, or two students may each study for one semester, annually from each institution. Both institutions are committed to a collaborative partnership which supports student success.

  • If you are a Red Deer Polytechnic student who is interested in learning more, please contact the International Division
  • If you are an EUF student, please review the information below to learn more about Red Deer Polytechnic.

Learn more about Red Deer Polytechnic

Explore our virtual tours to experience Red Deer Polytechnic's campuses, residence, facilities and learn about all we have to offer. 

Academic Program Information - Semester Dates

  • Fall Term: September to December
    • Reading Week - 2nd week in October (no classes)
  • Winter Term: January to April
    • Reading Week - 3rd week in February (no classes)
  • Spring Term: May to June
  • Summer Term: July to August

Learning Experience

Students can expect to engage in a wide variety of learning experiences at Red Deer Polytechnic, including lecture, interactive discussion, individual and group projects, student-led presentations, experiential activities, labs, and many others, depending on the courses selected. Upon arrival, an advisor will assist students with their course selection.

Bachelor of Education Program Information

The Bachelor of Education degree program at Red Deer Polytechnic is a four-year program that prepares future teachers to design high quality, socially responsible, and authentic learning opportunities that meet learner needs. 

The Academic Planning Guides provide an overview of the Bachelor of Education Degree program at Red Deer Polytechnic. We offer specializations in Early Years (Grades Kindergarten to 4), Middle Years (grades 5 to 9) and Secondary (grades 10 to 12).

Education Courses

Students are welcome to join any of the following EDUC courses

EDUC 1301 - Interpersonal Relationships

EDUC 1302 - Educational Technology

EDUC 1304 - Inclusive Learning Environments

EDUC 1305 - Child Development

EDUC 1500 - The Teaching Profession (includes field experience)

EDUC 2500 - Social Equity & Inclusion

EDUC 2803 - Language Learning and Literacy

EDUC 2804 - Numeracy

EDUC 2805 - Foundational Knowledge

EDUC 2312 - Designing Learning

EDUC 4311 - Indigenous Ways

EDUC 4342 - Designing Integrated Learning

Courses in Other Disciplines

Students are also able to select from a wide variety of courses offered at Red Deer Polytechnic.

The following table provides an overview of the different disciplines and can guide specific course selection.

Accounting ACCT Film FILM
Anthropology ANTH French FREN

Genetics GENE

Astronomy ASTR

History HIST

Biology BIOL

Interdisciplinary Studies INTD

Business BUS

Kinesiology KNSS or Kinesiology Physical Education KPED

Business Administration BADM Math MATH
Chemistry CHEM Microbiology MICR

Classics CLAS


Communications COMM (excluding COMM 250)

Philosophy PHIL

Computing Science CMPT

Physical Activities KPAC

Dance KDNC

Physics PHYS

Drama DRAM

Political Science POLI

Economics ECON

Psychology PSYC

English ENGL

Sociology SOCI

Family Studies FAM

Zoology ZOOL

Students can search the timetable for specific courses within each of the above areas here.

You can also access the full list of courses available at RDP in our academic calendar here.

You will work with the Chair of the Bachelor of Education program to select courses that of interest you and are available during your semester of study at Red Deer Polytechnic.

Living and Learning in Red Deer

View the information below to learn more about Red Deer Polytechnic and the central Alberta region. 

Estimated Cost

  Cost Estimate Source Notes


$803.00 RDP Housing - Studio Suite

Single occupancy: Shared occupancy is lower cost

Groceries $500.00 StatsCanada  
Bus Pass $62.00 City of Red Deer  
Entertainment $100.00   e.g. going to a movie once a week
Miscellaneous $150.00   Clothes, Personal Items, etc.
Monthly Total $1615.00    
Fees $1180.00 SA, Insurance, FST Includes International Health Insurance through Guard.Me
Textbooks $800 Books Based on BEd estimate
Per Term (4 months) $8,440.00    


Entrance into Canada for Academic Studies

Government of Canada website: “Foreign nationals may enter Canada or remain in Canada without a study permit to attend a course or program of study of 6 months’ duration or less [R188(1)(c)].”

For study in Canada 6 months or less:

For study in Canada lasting longer than 6 months:

For general information about international student study, review the relevant Government of Canada website.

Red Deer Polytechnic International Division also has information specific to permits and visas.

Application to Red Deer Polytechnic

Once nominated by EUF, complete your application to Red Deer Polytechnic using the following link: Application.

The completed application can be submitted directly to international [dot] admissions [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (international[dot]admissions[at]rdpolytech[dot]ca) accompanied by your EUF nomination.


Canada ended COVID-19 related entry requirements in October 2022. For the most current COVID-19 information, see COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders -

Contact Information

The Red Deer Polytechnic International Division website provides general information about studying with Red Deer Polytechnic and includes contact information for further inquiries.

Biology Experience

The RDP Abroad Biology Experience is designed for students in the Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences program. Students will have the opportunity to gain real world biology field work experience in Costa Rica.

This project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program.

Learn More

Practical Nurse Experience

This project is funded by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program.

Learn More

Global Skills Opportunity Funding

Red Deer Polytechnic is excited to provide details on our new Global Skills Opportunity project made possible by the Government of Canada's new Global Skills Opportunity program. 

Global Skills Opportunity is a national outbound student mobility program that is expected to enable more than 16,000 Canadian college and undergraduate-level university students from across the country to acquire the global skills employers want and the Canadian economy needs. A key component of the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy, Global Skills Opportunity is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada and is administered jointly by Colleges and Institutes Canada and Universities Canada. 

While open to all Canadian post-secondary students, the national program targets groups for whom international experiences have traditionally been less accessible — specifically Indigenous students, students from low-income backgrounds and those with disabilities. It also aims to diversify destination countries where Canadian students pursue international learning.

Students have an opportunity through the RDP Abroad Biology and Practical Nursing experiences to apply for Global Skills Opportunity funding. Eligible students based on available funding qualify for $5,000 to cover experience expenses. Students that identify as part of the grants target groups may be eligible for a maximum of $10,000 to cover experience expenses. 

Interested in creating your own experience?

Are you a faculty member interested in organizing or planning an abroad experience? Connect with international [at] rdpolytech [dot] ca (RDP International) to learn how we can support you through the planning and implementation of your experience. *Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.