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Polytechnic Means More

Autumn Dyke, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology, Autumn Dyke has experienced enhanced opportunities at Red Deer Polytechnic (RDP).  

These unique opportunities, which include positive collaborations, have played prominent roles in Autumn’s academic and personal growth at the Polytechnic.  

“I’m really grateful that I could complete all four years of my degree at RDP, so I could continue living at home and saving money. Another advantage at RDP is smaller class sizes, which have helped me to facilitate stronger connections with my peers and professors,” says Autumn, who graduated from Red Deer’s École Secondaire Notre Dame High School in 2018. “The instructors have gone the extra mile to make my student experience rewarding and enjoyable.”  

Autumn, and all learners enrolled in RDP’s four-year BA in Psychology degree, have opportunities to participate in community service and research to apply their knowledge, solve challenges and contribute to society in collaborative ways.   

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Autumn Studying

More ways
to learn. 


Experiential learning, technology integration, and applied research opportunities complement the instruction from industry experts in innovative facilities.

Autumn outside CACAC building

More industry connections. 


RDP’s partnerships provide opportunities to enrich the economic, cultural, intellectual and social development of Alberta.

Autumn with classmate

More impactful experiences. 


RDP learners receive unique opportunities to grow their competencies in a range of credentials that prepare them to become leaders in their careers and communities.


Becoming Red Deer Polytechnic was a big moment for us, the region and province, but what does it mean to become a polytechnic? It means we can offer more. Our polytechnic has more ways to learn, more industry connections and more impactful experiences. 

Do more at Red Deer Polytechnic!