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This mandate statement has been developed by Red Deer Polytechnic in consultation with Alberta’s Minister of Advanced Education pursuant to Section 78 of the Post-secondary Learning Act (PSLA). 

1.    Type of Institution, Sector, and Governance

Red Deer Polytechnic is a board-governed public post-secondary institution operating in Alberta as a Polytechnic under the authority of the Post-secondary Learning Act.  

2.    Outcomes

Red Deer Polytechnic offers programs that lead to further education or to career employment through its journeyman certificates, diplomas, post-diploma certificates, bachelor’s degrees (including honours) and collaborative programs, and post-bachelor certificates. In addition, the Polytechnic provides adult upgrading programs that facilitate entry into further studies and continuing education and contract training programs that meet community needs for lifelong learning, university transfer, and career advancement.

Red Deer Polytechnic initiates and supports partnerships with the community, business and industry, public service providers, educational agencies and research agencies in order to facilitate access to learning and to promote innovation. The Polytechnic plays a pivotal role in the community by providing facilities, expertise, leadership and innovation that assist in the economic, social, cultural, recreational, athletic, and educational development of Red Deer and its surrounding communities.

3.    Clients/Students

Red Deer Polytechnic apprenticeship, credit and non-credit programs serve adult students of all ages, with emphasis on meeting the needs of learners and employers in central Alberta. Red Deer Polytechnic is also focused on participation of Indigenous students and is targeting strong growth in international student enrolment.

4.    Geographic Service Area and Type of Delivery 

Campuses are located in Red Deer and serve 89 communities within 95,456 km2 in central Alberta.  The Polytechnic also serves an increasing number of international learners from a wide range of nations both in Canada and in their home countries.

Through a variety of approaches in educational delivery including face-to-face, distributed learning, and blended learning, the Polytechnic provides quality programs that address diverse learning styles and time and location requirements of its learners.  Red Deer Polytechnic supports learner success with high-quality student support services including advising, personal and career counseling, athletics, food services, child care, financial aid, health, library, recreation, residence, and academic support.  

As a Polytechnic Institution with regional stewardship responsibilities, Red Deer Polytechnic collaborates with school districts, other post-secondary institutions, adult learning organizations, business and industry, and community agencies throughout the region. The work of Campus Alberta Central, Red Deer Polytechnic’s joint venture with Olds College, provides primary support for adult learners across more than 20 centres in the region.

5.    Program Mandates and Credentials Offering

Red Deer Polytechnic offers programs and courses to full- and part-time learners from diverse cultural, educational and social backgrounds with varying skills and experiences in the following categories: 

  • Academic Upgrading
  • Continuing education (lifelong learning)
  • Transitional Vocational 
  • Journeyman Certificate
  • Certificate 
  • Diploma 
  • Post-Diploma Certificate 
  • University Transfer Programs
  • Bachelor’s Degree, including collaborative degrees with partner institutions
  • Post-Bachelor Certificate

6.    Special Program Areas/Areas of Specialization

Red Deer Polytechnic is distinct due to its progression toward a polytechnic model whereby the breadth of credentials includes more than 75 program areas from journeyman certificates to full baccalaureate degrees.  The articulated vision for a polytechnic institution is unique within Alberta not only due to offering a wide breadth of programing but ensuring workforce preparedness through applied research, connection with regional employers, and work-integrated learning for the majority of programs. Red Deer Polytechnic is the only post-secondary institution in Central Alberta that offers a full range of credentials from apprenticeship to certificates, diplomas, and degrees. 

7.    System Collaboration and Partnerships

Red Deer Polytechnic is a partner in Campus Alberta collaborating with other educational organizations and post-secondary institutions in providing a seamless and responsive advanced education system that provides high-quality learning opportunities in support of lifelong learning and skills development.

In central Alberta, Red Deer Polytechnic shares the responsibility for regional stewardship and economic development with post-secondary, public sector, and industry partners. This includes a partnership in Campus Alberta Central that better serves adult learners in many rural communities of central Alberta as well as strong partnerships with municipal governments, community adult learning providers, Indigenous councils, Alberta Health Services, and regional secondary school divisions.  Collaboration with industry and with other institutions and sectors to support regional access to a wide range of programming is a priority to ensure workforce preparedness.

8.    Research and Scholarly Activities 

Red Deer Polytechnic undertakes applied research, scholarly and creative activity that is in alignment with credentials offered and is focused on industry or community needs that support regional economic and social development.

Applied research at Red Deer Polytechnic enhances the student experience and provides development services for Alberta’s small and medium enterprises along with our public sector organizations. We are active participants in the Alberta Research and Innovation Framework providing opportunities for collaboration and connection to the larger Alberta Innovation network, increasing Alberta’s competitiveness, growth, and export readiness, expanding access to markets with new products and processes, growing manufacturing through the adoption of technology and data-driven technologies, and attracting investment in central Alberta entrepreneurs thereby creating jobs.

9.    System Mandate 

Social Impact: Red Deer Polytechnic partners with organizations that include Indigenous nations, non-profit societies, and public sector organizations such as Alberta Health Services to enhance programs, services and facilities.

Economic Impact: Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to ensuring that more individuals will remain and work in Central Alberta and contribute to its economic success. Business and industry partnerships ensure relevant training, work integrated learning, and greater employment opportunities for graduates.

Environmental Impact: Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to sustainable post-secondary operations through its Green Campus Master Plan which envisions 100 per cent of campus electricity costs being offset by alternative energy sources such as an existing 4200 panel solar installation.

International Education: Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to increasing the skill and knowledge of its learners and its community to become better integrated into the global community and supporting municipal, provincial and federal strategies regarding international education, immigration, and skilled labour. This includes opportunities to study abroad, host international learners on-campus, assist in the development of educational services in other countries, and provide global and international perspectives in its curricula.

Promotion of Healthy Learning Environments: Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to accessible education by applying principles of universal design in space use and campus master plans, support and resources for students to promote mental health practices, as well as policies and education around the prevention of sexual violence. 

Learner Pathway: Red Deer Polytechnic is committed to offering numerous programs with intentional laddering and bridging between credit and non-credit credentials. 

Signed by the Minister of Advanced Education on May 17, 2022 as part of the Polytechnic’s Investment Management Agreement

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