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Applicant Instructions

Red Deer Polytechnic posts current vacancies on our employment website, where you can find full details on available positions of interest to you.

The following topics provide guidance on employment opportunities, applying for jobs, your application and preparing for the interview.

Employment Opportunities

How do I find a job at RDP?

To begin, view Red Deer Polytechnic’s current employment opportunities. We encourage you to use Google Chrome web browser for best results.   

  • Click on Staff and Leadership Opportunities or Faculty and Non-Credit Instructor Opportunities on the main page or “Search Jobs” from the left-hand side. 
  • You can sign up for Job Alerts by selecting categories.  Once a job is posted in one of your selected categories, you will receive an email notification.

The relevant steps for your application process (as detailed below) will take place on the current employment opportunities site.

Applying for Jobs

How do I create an account?
  • Click on “Create an Account” and follow the steps to create your username, password and enter your contact information 
  • Complete the fields required in each step and click “next” to continue 
How do I apply online?  
  • Once you find the job you are interested in, you can “View Details” for more information 
  • Click on “Apply for this Job”  
  • Enter your username and password if you are not logged in 
  • Ensure your personal information is correct 
  • Click on Save & Continue to advance to next screens 
  • Ensure information is correct before proceeding to next screen 
Uploading Documents 
  • Add required documents and click “save & continue” to advance to next screen 
  • Ensure that you are uploading PDFs of your document for best quality 
  • Ensure that you have uploaded the correct documents  
Final Steps 
  • Review your application to ensure information is correct and documents are uploaded properly, then click ”Certify” and “Submit”  
  • You will receive an email confirming your application has successfully been submitted. 
Can I submit my resume via email, fax, or in person? 

You must apply online. Red Deer Polytechnic does not accept resumes via email, fax or in person. 

If I do not have a computer to apply online, are there places that give the public access to computers? 

Red Deer Public Libraries provides free public access to computers. They have three locations: 

  • GH Dawe Community Centre – 56 Holt Street 
  • Downtown Branch – 4818 49 Street 
  • Timberlands Branch – 300 Timothy Drive 
I have missed the deadline for a position. Can I still apply?

We are unable to accept applications after the posting has closed.  

How does RDP deal with relocating?  

The Polytechnic may reimburse employees who have been offered permanent employment for all reasonable moving expenses incurred to assist in reducing the financial impact of relocation. Reimbursement of relocation expenses must be discussed prior to accepting an offer of employment. The employment contract will indicate an employee’s eligibility for reimbursement. 

Can I contact the Hiring Manager or People and Culture before I submit my resume?

If the Hiring Manager is listed on the posting, you can contact them directly.  People and Culture are not able to share any information other than what is on the posting.   

My Application

How can I confirm that Red Deer Polytechnic received my resume? 

Once you have submitted your application online, you will receive a confirmation number, which indicates your application has been successfully submitted.  You can check the status of your application online by logging into the Employment site and clicking ‘Your Applications’ from the side menu. 

How long will it be before I am contacted after submitting my application? 

If you are shortlisted, you will normally be contacted between one and three weeks of the posting closing date to conduct a phone screen or arrange an interview. 

How are applications assessed?  

All applications are assessed based on the qualifications of the position that you are applying for.  These qualifications are listed on the posting.   

Job application tips.
  • Postings close at 12:00am on the date listed. 
  • Ensure that the information you provide in your application is correct and true to the best of your knowledge and that you have listed all previously and currently held positions where the experience gained relates to the position that you are applying for. 
  • Review your cover letter to ensure that you have listed the correct job that you are applying for.   
  • Before uploading your documents, ensure they are in PDF format.  This step ensures that your formatting remains intact.   
  • The hiring manager will ask for your references when they are ready to take the next step after the interview.  Best practice is to have a direct supervisor in your current or most recent position.   

Preparing for the Interview

The Interview

If you have been contacted for an interview, congratulations! As part of your preparation, you may wish to do one or all of the following:  

  • Review or print the job posting you applied to 
  • Review your skills and experience that relate to the position you applied to 
  • Familiarize yourself with Behaviour Descriptive interview questions 
  • Familiarize yourself with the STAR Method described in the "Preparing your Responses" category below 

The interview gives you and the interview team a chance to evaluate whether you have the knowledge, qualifications and skills that would make you highly successful in your new job. Interview questions will include a blend of both Performance Based and Behaviour Descriptive questions. Each competition has the same set of questions and rating scale. 

Performance-Based Interview Questions 

Performance-based questions outline a job-related situation, scenario or challenge and ask the candidate what they would do. The questions require candidates to demonstrate their knowledge, qualifications, and skills to address typical job scenarios. Candidate responses are scored using a performance-based evaluation method that determines to what degree your response is acceptable and complete. 

Behaviour Descriptive Interview Questions  

Behaviour descriptive interview questions are based on the principle that the best predictor of future performance is past behaviour. The questions require candidates to isolate specific experiences from their past and describe them in detail. Depending on the response, probing questions may be asked for additional details and clarification. 

Preparing Your Responses  

When preparing your responses to behaviour descriptive interview questions, we recommend using the STAR method. This is a logical way to provide the selection committee with the information they are looking for. 

  • Situation - Describe a situation you were involved in. The situation can be from a previous job, a volunteer experience, school, or any other relevant event. 
  • Task - Describe the tasks that were involved in the situation. 
  • Action - What actions did you take? Focus on and highlight your individual actions or contributions even if you were working as part of a team. 
  • Result - What results were achieved due to your actions? What did you learn?  



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